Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Big 5 final paper is done, my roof is scheduled to be fixed tomorrow, my church curriculum is written and both boys are alive and - more importantly - sleeping. I can finally focus on the fun things, like celebrating our 5 year anniversary! Actually it is difficult to say we're celebrating because 1) This is our eloping anniversary and technically we agreed to celebrate the "second" wedding 2) Our wedding was on Leap Day (not on purpose) so it doesn't exist this year and 3)We have too much to do to actually celebrate.

Appropriately enough, I'll be spending our sort of anniversary officiating at a wedding - although it's kind of humorous that this couple is getting married after being together for 18 years and I married Robbie after two weeks. But love works in mysterious ways. Some days more mysterious than others....but I digress.

Just for fun, here's our "marriage by the numbers." In the last 5 years we've:

Moved 5 times
Visited 20 different states together
Dated for 2 weeks
Had 2 weddings
2 dogs
2 kids
And purchased 1 house that needs a whole hell of a lot of work

No wonder we're so exhausted!

I'm pretty sure the 5 year anniversary is the electronic slideshow anniversary, so here's a little something for my true love (WARNING, it's pretty long!):

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My Montage 2/18/09

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Fionn-ster

It's finals week and my stupid roof is leaking, so pictures are the most I can muster for a few days. And yes, thanks to his rockin' Aunt Dani, that is Jon Stewart on his onesie...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Scenes from Daily Life

Emerson handed me his bottle of water (the child is very well hydrated at all times) and indicated that he wanted more - even though it was half full. I knew he wanted me to add some juice for flavor, so I said, "Emerson, say 'juice.'" He gave out a guttural sound that resembled a German sneezing. I had to at least applaud his effort.

Robbie heard all this and started laughing.

"Emerson, your in-apptitude is so cute."

I burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

"Do you mean ineptitude? Gee, I wonder where he gets his difficulty with words from?"


Before Fionn was born, I purchased as many new pj's as possible since I knew I'd be spending a lot of time in them after he was born. The other day I was wearing one pair that I scored at the Salvation Army. (They look like this except powder blue)

Robbie had seen them several times before, but with my mom as a captive audience, this time he announced that Blanche Devereux had called - she wanted her pajamas back.

My mom snorted her coffee and told me I should buy some fur-covered heels to complete the ensemble.

I'm not sure what concerns me more - that my husband doesn't appreciate my sense of style, or that he knows so much about the Golden Girls.


Every Saturday I've been taking an intensive class at a local seminary entitled "Reformation History and Thought." I'm not a Christian Unitarian Universalist, but since my denomination is historically Christian, we have several history requirements that I need to fulfill. Needless to say, learning about 16th century theologians for 8 hours on a Saturday is enough to make anyone want to stab themselves in the head with a mechanical pencil (I've come close on a few occasions) Luckily my professor is a very enigmatic German woman who knows a lot of odd stories about Martin Luther and who makes humorous analogies every once in a while that help me stay awake.

For example, the other day she announced that "children are the perfect examples of the fact that we are born with original sin." For a split second I was horrified at this comparison...then I thought about my little caveman of a toddler throwing tantrums and I saw her point.

She also made an analogy that compared good people without sin to Jonathan or Granny Smith apples while people with sin are "crap-apples."

Her inapptitude is so cute.