Thursday, August 23, 2007

Video Proof of Rabid Baby

Ever since he started teething, Emerson has turned into a ferocious beast! This video proves his bite really is worse than his bark (also check the 6-8 months link for a few more pics):


  1. I LOVE that you put the video up. It just makes you and your family more REAL! Not that you were fake before...:P
    Emerson is SOOO cute! Maybe someday Lyra and Emerson will get to have a playdate. :)


  2. You know, Drew and I were in a restaurant the other night and there was an ultimate fighting match on (my first time seeing this "sport",it was insane)- I have to say that this scene looks very similar to that. Sitting on your throat, chewing your face....I think he's got you beat, Robbie.

    He's really precious. I mean Emerson, not Robbie.