Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Own Bob Villa

I just want to take this moment to recognize how incredibly impressed I am with my hunky handyman of a husband. (Note: the above picture is a dramatization, not my actual husband. Although he also looks hot in bell bottoms.)

To date, he has completed a number of renovations, including but not limited to:

Building new railings for our stairs (the previous ones had enormous gaps that were just waiting for an unsuspecting and visually impaired toddler to test out)
Running a new gas line for our new stove without blowing up the entire house
Painting two rooms (many more to come)
Hanging drapes
Connecting new lights
Repairing the foundation in the garage
Assembling an insane amount of children's IKEA furniture
Removing some "what the hell were they thinking?" projects left from the previous owners
Installing an undermount sink and new faucet
Installing a new toilet after removing 40-some-odd years of toilet gunk (yum)
and finally, figuring out how to put a dog door in a door with recessed panels

I won't post our big reveal pictures yet because there's a lot left to do and frankly who knows where the camera is in all this chaos, but I promise someday soon.

Right before we moved into our new house, we stayed up late watching "Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. I have to admit that I pretty much expected this house endeavor to go a lot like the movie. So much so, in fact, that every time Robbie mutters something under his breath or sighs while working on a project, I yell across the room, "WHAT'S WRONG?" For some reason he finds this unnerving.

In my defense, we have had some minor snafus and challenges along the way. (Staple on the bottom of the couch + newly finished hardwood floors = me in a crumpled, sobbing heap) But for the most part we are getting by just fine, if at an incredibly slow pace due to other demands. Someday we will have a lovely home and all this mess and headache will be behind us. In the meantime, I'll keep bragging about my handy husband and hope the people in Home Depot don't ban me from the store for constantly breastfeeding in the tile aisle. (By the way, if you can solve the "should backsplash tile match your floor tile?" debate, I and the entire staff of Home Depot would be eternally grateful.)

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