Monday, April 13, 2009


One of the great new traditions in Ann Arbor is an annual parade in honor of April Fool's Day called FestiFools. The parade features giant puppets made by UM art students - in addition to Townies willing to dress up and join in.

This year we went with Robbie's ex-cousin-in-laws (don't ask me to explain) and their four kids: Cadence, Lake, Pace and Tate.

Despite being a gray and wet day, the turnout was huge and the older boys had a blast getting random things handed to them like a rotting eggplant from a man dressed up eggplant. Emerson unfortunately could care less about parades, so he spent half the time eating crackers in his new wagon and the other half asleep on Robbie's shoulder. The best laid plans...

After the parade, we stopped by a friend's house to introduce the older boys to their chickens. The boys reached out a tentative hand to stroke their honey-colored feathers, then chased them into their chicken coop giggling madly all the time. They eventually added a chicken feather and freshly laid egg to their eggplant and candy from the parade, so they were proud of their eclectic loot.

Emerson could care less about the chickens, but he did enjoy being pulled around in his wagon like a little sultan in a gilded carriage.

Of course, Robbie had to pimp out the wagon with some carefully chosen bumper stickers:


  1. I think I read an article in the Detroit Free Press not too long ago about a couple in Ann Arbor who have a chicken coop in their backyard. Were those your friends in the article? Love the wagon. Robbie is too funny:)

  2. I figured it out... she's my ex-step-half-cousin... I think.

    And yes Sheila, that was our friends in the Free Press article. We used to live across the street from them before moving in December.