Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Father of Invention

A couple of weeks ago I was telling my friend that I wish Robbie and I could switch places because he would love to be a stay at home dad (he thinks anyway) and I don't mind working. Unfortunately, even once I become an ordained minister, I'll never match his engineering salary.

She suggested that we should try to cash in on one of Robbie's many "million-dollar" ideas and then we could do whatever we wanted. I mentioned this to Robbie on the drive home, so we started brainstorming ideas. This naturally led to a conversation about the infomercials that peddle their products by warning about the extreme dangers of pulling an arm muscle by trying to lift a pot of hard-boiled eggs off the stove (The EggGenie - with BONUS Baconwave!) or wrenching your neck while wrapping your hair with a regular towel (The TurbieTwist).

Suddenly, it dawned on me what the world needed next.

"Women are always complaining about cankles, you should figure out something to fix those!"

Robbie shrugged, "That's easy. Just give them oversized shoes."

Pure genius....and he's all mine.

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  1. We should get Sascha and Robbie together...Sascha (thinks he) would like to stay home with the kids and I occasionally would kill to return to work...Sascha's searching for one of those "million dollar" ideas too...and playing the lotto...they could form a "Million Dollar Daddy League".