Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bring Out Your Crazies

The other day we were in the grocery store - Robbie had Fionn strapped to his chest and I had Emerson in his cart. Robbie, of course, spotted someone we knew in checkout and wandered over to talk to them while I helped some frazzled woman track down canned chilies.

Apparently while Robbie was talking to our friends, some strange older woman interrupted him to start asking questions about Fionn's coloring. As is often the case, as soon as one person dares to be nosy, it opens to floodgates for everyone else in earshot. Robbie tried to make his way back to me, but this woman and a store worker wandered right along with him. I inwardly groaned as I saw them come around the end of the aisle - the woman was staring at Fionn by now and muttering, "That's going to be interesting watching them grow up." Then she spotted Emerson in my cart and her eyes got even wider. We fielded more questions from her and she did more muttering. "It's definitely going to be interesting. Veeeery interesting."

As she left, the store worker started in. When he asked if we have to buy a lot of sunscreen, I took the opportunity. "We sure do. In fact, that reminds me - we are all out. Thanks!" And off we went to the sunscreen aisle (we were in fact out).

When we left the store, I started complaining about the crazies, especially the woman. "Why the hell does she need to tell us it's going to be interesting?' I should have said, 'In case you haven't noticed, we're already three years and two kids into it. We KNOW it's interesting!"

Robbie snorted. "No, what we should have said is, 'Yeah, it will be interesting. I bet all kinds of crazy people are going to interrupt us to ask stupid questions. What do you think we should do if that happens?'"

Ah, hindsight.


  1. Looking at that picture I'm not sure that albinism will be the only thing that makes those boys "interesting". When ever I see someone I think might have albinism I always want to ask them but I never say anything to them because I know how it drives you crazy. You may make snarky comments behind people's backs when they ask you nosy questions, but I've been out with you and I know you always answer them with patience and courtesy. You are both too sweet to do anything else.

  2. What the heck, seriously!?! I think that is really rude!! I get less and less comments as Wyatt gets older (thankfully), but when he was a baby I had people in the grocery store laughing at us saying he looked like an old man (the people that worked there no less!!). If you think of a good comeback let me know.