Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Recap

It's nearly a week after Easter and my house is still littered with borrowed dining room chairs waiting to be returned to their rightful owners, a basket full of candy that tempts me every time I walk past it, and a fridge that offends my vegetarian sensibilities by stinking of ham (with undertones of hard-boiled egg). Despite the aftermath, however, the weekend was well worth it.

It started on Saturday with the now-annual Easter Egg Hunt fundraiser at Georgia Street Community Garden in Detroit. We spent the morning at Eastern Market, picking out a locally-raised ham for Sunday dinner and flowers for the table setting. The trip was shorter than we had planned for due to a late start (imagine that - our family running late!), but the boys got to see a marching band, ducks, baby chicks, rabbits, and a heck of a lot of people. We got to see a man shoving a live sheep into the trunk of his Mercedes.

I was immediately indignant. "That's animal cruelty! That sheep is huge - it's not going to be able to breath or move in that tiny trunk!"

Robbie rolled his eyes.

"I don't think they care if it dies in the trunk - they're going to slaughter it anyway."


After the market, we raced to the Garden and were relieved to find the hunt hadn't started without us.

They boys were a little slow to catch onto the concept, but they pulled in a decent haul and the weather held out. Afterward, we ate brunch in the community store, got a chance to talk to some amazing people, and Fionn did a little dancing.

Thankfully I didn't pay to have the boys' picture taken with the Easter Bunny at the mall. I got this priceless picture for free.

On Sunday, we hosted 20 people (family and Easter orphans) for an egg hunt, dinner and some Easter games. It was fun to see all the babies in their first egg hunt, and having a large orchard across the street from us came in handy.

We enticed a few people to do the egg toss with raw eggs after Robbie demonstrated how to catch the egg without breaking it...and how to not catch it in front of your face. Five minutes later, his dad took one in the face.

Dinner was a lot less messy and by some miracle we fit all those people into our tiny dining room.

Later, as we collapsed onto the couch, we promised each other (as we do after every party) that next time we will scale WAY back.

We won't.


  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I always thought Easter egg hunting was kind of a cruel thing to do to VI kids lol.

  2. looks like you fit them into your dinning room AND living room!!

  3. No, you won't. We go there for Thanksgiving and it's now hovering around 40 people. The only thing that might shrink it (maybe, for a year or so) will be when we have to move away....