Monday, March 3, 2008

Bye Bye Mullet

Unfortunately, I seemed to have passed on my thin, fine, curly hair to Emerson. As his hair grew into the inevitable "baby mullet," my dreams of the long-haired hippie child disappeared - I wanted a clean-cut kid and I wanted him now! It's not that the long, angelic-like white curls weren't adorable, it's just that they only stayed that way for about 5 minutes after brushing them. It takes very little perspiration combined with a winter's hat to create a fuzzy rat's nest when you have hair like ours.

Besides, I was afraid if I let it keep growing, he might someday soon look like this kid:

So, I begged and argued with Robbie and eventually wore him down. And thus we went for our first major haircut at a salon (my mom did the first trim, but she is back in Utah...and Robbie can attest for the fact that blades and hair are not a good combo for me). Emerson did surprisingly well and in no time my black sweater was covered in a white haze. I was so amazed by how well it went I bundled us back up and walked out the door without even paying! Luckily, they didn't notice until I came stumbling back in the door an hour later, apologizing profusely.

The end result was not all that unique, but at least clean cut:

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