Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Emerson's 1st Dog Food

Emerson has always been obsessed with the dog bowl. He has a thing for dishes in general (who doesn't appreciate good Corningware?) but the dog bowl is particularly attractive because it's shaped and painted like a giant dog's head.

I've learned to put it away as soon as the dog finishes her food, but this morning I gave her breakfast and turned around to grab something. In mere seconds, Emerson booked it across the room, pushed the dog to the side, and put some pieces in mouth. When I turned back, he had brown drool coming out of his mouth and the dog was looking at me like, "What the hell?!"

I had to hold him back, kicking and screaming, while she finished the rest of the meal. She kept pausing to come over and check on him because I think she was afraid that suddenly the kid had taken over yet another aspect of her life and she was going to get in trouble if she kept eating "his" food. I kept reassuring her that she could go eat, and finally the saga came to an end. Now Emerson's got the taste for salmon-flavored dog food...yum!

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