Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dulce de Leche League

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Ann Arbor is bursting with babies these days (perhaps it's the liberal response to the Duggars?). I had the extreme pleasure of sharing my last pregnancy with two of my close friends and neighbors. Per was born in September, six weeks later Fionn was born, then 5 weeks later Jane was born. Together we - along with another neighbor who have a daughter Emerson's age - formed what we called the "Dulce de Leche League" because we spent this past year eating a lot of caramel ice cream and talking about babies and breastfeeding. If I had more energy and creativity I would come up with a drawing of us as superhero moms - breastfeeding with one hand and eating ice cream with another, but pictures will have to do.

Oh, Matt....that baby is going to hurt when it comes out. I should know.

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