Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Right now I am sandwiched between two exhausted little boys in a hotel room in Dallas. This past week has been a blur preparing for this trip and traveling for the first time with all four of us, but so far we're holding up extremely well. Although it is frustrating because we've got a lot of family in town right now for a wedding and family adventures make great blog fodder. Unfortunately, many of the main players would eventually hear about it if I sent these stories into the blogosphere, and I'd rather not make future family reunions...tense.

Suffice it to say that between Robbie's six brothers and sisters, 5 nephews and nieces and our two kids (and all the adults that go with all those kids), we are every wait staff's worst nightmare. Despite the astonishing noise level, it has been a blast to watch Emerson interact with all his cousins and aunts and uncles. He's close in age to three of them, so they run in a pack like tiny wolves. And when they're not running around, his sweet aunts and uncles are always right there to entertain him or lend a hand. At one point, as my 15-year-old sister in law retrieved an escaping child for the 100th time, she sighed and said, "I'm never having kids." Good lord - I don't blame her.

One high point in our trip so far was our momentary brush with fame. We ate at some sort of seafood place tonight and a crew from ESPN came in to film people watching March Madness. Never mind the fact that no one was really watching it (it was karaoke night - and nothing is more entertaining than a 50-year-old overweight man in a Hooters t-shirt crooning "That's Amore.") The crew had our giant table turn to the tv behind us and pretend like we were watching the game that was on. We were instructed to cheer for whoever made the next basket while they filmed and we performed perfectly. It wasn't until after the shot was over that I realized it was Arizona vs. my alma mater University of Utah and I had just cheered on national television for Arizona. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have much school pride - when I was in college, we never won at any sport and yet we spent all this money on new sports equipment while those of us in the journalism program had to bring our own computer paper from home to print our work. Not to mention our fight song is a uninspiring ditty called "I Am Utah Man" that actually involves the word "muss."

But I digress. Tomorrow is the big wedding and the following day we take family pictures. Robbie made us do this during our last visit two years ago and by the end of the session, the poor photographer was on her last nerve. She went from polite requests at the beginning to shouting "You, shut up. You, sit down. You, SMILE!!!" Needless to say, we made a beeline for the closest restaurant afterward and started ordering drinks. This year, Robbie actually planned where we would go drinking ahead of time.

Well, I should force myself to get some sleep now. When you're in Texas, you never know what tomorrow will bring...

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  1. Oh goodness (barely contained guffawing)...have fun my friend. You'll have to call me later!