Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Long-Promised Garden Pictures

These probably don't do Robbie's creation justice, but I had a squirming baby in my arms. C'est la vie.

The main garden

Annual bed turned into bountiful greens.

First strawberries

The melons and even more tomatoes

Eating our first harvest

Peonies finally explode


Our new compost tumbler

Our new rain barrel

Our little white house


  1. As a life long gardener I must say I'm very impressed, both by Robbie's artistic boxes and your beautiful healthy plants. Here's a big green thumbs up!

  2. Beautiful garden!! Looks delicious, I'm so jealous. That's one thing we didn't get around to doing this year with the new house. We have too many mature trees and needed wait until the leaves filled in to find out where the sun hits the yard. Next year we are going full force.

  3. Oh, it all looks great! Where do you guys find the time? Lord, I miss the Midwest...

  4. Oh Wendy, you should see the inside of our house. It would explain a lot. :)