Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Awkward Family Photos

Thanks to my friend Melodie, I found the site "Awkward Family Photos" and laughed myself silly. I find these kind of sites are best viewed in large chunks because the humor tends to snowball. The first couple elicit a chuckle, but by the 20th one, I'm downright punch drunk.

Recently, I got around to mailing off the photo packages from the shoot we did with Robbie's immediate family a few months ago. Here are some samples - all equally worthy of ending up on Awkward Family Photos. These are the ones we actually bought, if that's any indication of their overall quality. I partly blame it on Sears photo studios (you get what you pay for in this case), partly on too many small children without adequate naps, and partly on family members who consistently refuse to smile.

Families are precious....

(forgive the poor scanner quality)

Our boys are the ones with white hair (that joke never gets old)

Can't get the kids to hold still? The obvious solution is to fan them out on the floor and have them look up into a bright light!

The gang's all here...6 brothers and sisters, 5 nieces and nephews, a none-too-thrilled brother-in-law, an equally ecstatic mother and last but not least, dad. Plus our family of four. It's a miracle we fit onto the set.


  1. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that Cassi is the one who keeps trying to talk me in to doing family pictures. I am strictly a snapshot kind of person and I think the quality of the photos I have on my wall and in my scrapbooks attests to this being a wise decision. I have never had a good family picture experience. I think the only way that you could make it pleasant is if you started on the vodka (children included) about 8:00am.

  2. Okay I know I'm putting in two comments on the same blog but I didn't look at the photo website until after I had put in my first comment. The website is hilarious (especially the captions)! I don't know whether to find these people endearing or to be very, very afraid.

  3. I kid you not, I just discovered AkwardFamilyPhotos last night, I was up until 2am laughing my bum off!!
    I suggest
    the next time you have a block of time for some nonsence humor!

  4. These are great! I can only imagine that getting everyone together for the first pic was a lot like herding cats.

  5. These pictures are to cute!! lol. I can't even imagine taking that many people for a's hard enough for us with just TWO girls. Kudos to yall! The pics are very cute though!!