Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday - Sort Of

This past weekend we hosted all three sides of Robbie's family (mom, dad, step) for Emerson's birthday party. We decided that since the last two birthdays were snowed out and so close to Christmas, this year we were officially moving it to the half birthday mark. Except that we were in Utah in June and then swamped in July, so now that it's August it is more of a 2 3/4 birthday - but whatever. Robbie's mom was in town from Texas and about 30 other people came, so it was a fun but exhausting shindig.

Emerson acted as I feared...overwhelmed by all the people and a little clingy/crabby. He had fun hitting the pinata, opening presents, and of course eating cake, but he spent most of the time trying to climb up my leg. At one point, he gave up and just started walking away down the sidewalk. Nothing like the birthday boy leaving his own party! Luckily his two cousins retrieved him for us and he stuck around for the rest of the night.

The best part for him was getting his new kitchen set to complete all the fake food and cooking ware we bought him earlier in the summer. He LOVES to cook in it - especially since it has a million doors to open and close. And we love that it fits in the corner and only cost $10 on Craigslist. (We are total cheapskates and proud of it.)

For grandmas and aunties, here is a video of the cake. Emerson did try to blow out the candles (I explained what was going to happen that morning, but I didn't think he understood since the moment he heard the word "cake," he jumped out of bed and demanded cake for breakfast.) He couldn't quite blow hard enough to put out them out, but it was a good first try:

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