Monday, September 14, 2009

See You in September

Well, Fall has undeniably for the boys starts tomorrow and mine has already started (although I've been pretending it hasn't so I can get more done on the house). The noise of neighborhood kids playing first thing in the morning has been replaced by the frantic shouts of parents as cars idle, last night's homework is collected and book bags are slung across reluctant shoulders. And the most cliche but romantic sign of all - the trees are starting to blush pinks and golds and even the occasional deep reds.

The other day I decided to take advantage of the delicious weather was by taking an afternoon walk - an activity that would serve the dual purpose of putting Emerson to sleep while giving me the chance to try out my new camera.

This "relaxing" walk ended with Emerson demanding to play at the park instead of napping and I took very few pictures. In fact, I learned two important things:

1) Taking an SLR camera on a walk with kids makes one look like a buffoon on safari. Emerson was in his stroller, the backpack diaper bag was slung across the back of that, Fionn was strapped into a sling on my chest, and the large camera (compared to a point and shoot) was strapped to my side like a messenger bag. I garnered quite a few comments and even more raised eyebrows. Trying to bend over to pick something up or frame a shot was downright comical.

2) Children have no respect for artistic integrity. Every time I would try to "compose" a shot with my camera, a lot of whining and shrieking ensued. I guess I will just leave it on "sports mode" and try to take pictures on the run.

So here are the lame fruits of that first walk (I spared you the pictures where I attempted artistry, but I'll post them later on flikr):

I tried to explain to Emerson that socks and sandals are a major fashion faux pas. He didn't seem to care.

Fionn is now crawling, which makes the mulch-covered playground a blast.

After I chide Fionn for eating mulch, it becomes his sole focus in life.

A couple Robbie took of the boys. He enjoys the fact that you can press the shutter and take continuous pictures - hundreds if you wanted. Therefore we try to hide the camera from him as much as possible:


  1. point #1 is why I don't take as many photographs as I'd like to... I feel your pain! But the photos you got turned out great!

  2. You poor young mothers already look like you're going out for a six-month stint on a desert island every time you leave the house. The sherpas have nothing on you women. I think I found the perfect thing for you. Hammacher-Schlemmer has sunglassed with a video camera mounted in the center. I know it's video, not still shots, but it sure frees up the hands. Great Pictures, and I am so excited Fionn
    is crawling!