Monday, March 29, 2010

Drumroll Please......

You can probably tell by how long it took us to make a decision that we had a hard time narrowing down all the great suggestions. But after much hemming and hawing, we compromised on two different names for the domain and title. I'm sure that breaks all kinds of blogging rules, but that's the joy of being an amateur.

Nams wins for her suggestion of All-Binos, so I now owe her a long-distance favor. We chose this as the domain name because:

1) It's punny
2) It was available
3) It's easy to remember
and 4) I'm sure to attract a new audience of people who can't spell "albino."

Before you lynch me - please note the disclaimer in the side bar!

For the title, we chose Thore's "Vanilla Twice" because
1) It's punny
and 2) If we ever have a third "oops" baby, we can change it to "Vanilla Thrice." And how often does one get to use the word thrice?

Thore - give me a date and I'll be over with my mop and broom.

I've come to terms with the reality that I will never be a good blogger who posts frequently, but I do need to be more disciplined for my own sake. So with my new blog comes a new resolution to post at least one post every Friday. Feel free to publicly flog me if I fail.

Thanks again to everyone for your wit and I hope you enjoy the new and (arguably) improved blog!


  1. I love it, Vanilla Twice! You can never take it too seriously. As it stands I always say, he has's the pc way of saying he's an albino.

  2. Love it! Can you please activate RSS? Thanks!

  3. Twice, Twice, Baby!

    What an honor to be chosen! As for the favor--I think Rob's help with the Wailing Wall more than covers it.

    (and please don't blame me when that song gets stuck in your head every time you visit...)

  4. OOOOooooooo! I love it! How fun. I think the ability to poke fun at oneself and not always have to be so "PC" means you have true acceptance! On your way to true enlightment you go(ok now I am just getting carried away... and feel a bit like yoda).

  5. Hey Cassi,

    Wow, did not think you would use that name..but its great that you did, I love Vanilla twice too, maybe if I plan to start a blog, the title could be Vivaan-illa.. :) what do you think ?
    Hope the new name gets more viewers to ur blog. I def think its one of the best and most well written blog spots around !
    All the best.