Friday, January 21, 2011

Killing Me Softly

I alternate between wanting to be productive to distract me from the "waiting," wanting to be completely lazy to avoid making the constant contractions even worse, and focusing on purposely making the contractions worse in a vain attempt to coax her out. The result is that 1) not much is getting done 2) I'm going out of my mind and 3) she still isn't here. My strategy for today is to go back to being productive, suck up the pain and stop being so mean to every breathing thing that crosses my path.

During one of my lazier and happier moments this past week, Empo and I made a YouTube playlist together. I'm not sure how educational the music is, but he is in love with it and it killed quiet time while Fionn took a nap. I'm going to share because some of them are from a new-to-us artist that I think is brilliant: Caspar Babypants. Elizabeth Mitchell is another kid's artist that I'm obsessed with right now, but she doesn't have any good videos that I could find.

If anyone has suggestions for videos to add, please pass them along!

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  1. Cassi,

    Was Reading some of ur older posts and came across this one ! Sorry for not being tuned I'n with the blog ! Anyway we discovered Caspar baby pants while we were I'n the US and Vivaan was 1, caspars Itsy bitsy spider was a hit with him ! Everytime he was in the car , he would want to watch it on u tube ! It was truly a saving grace for us at that time !

    Have u watched the monki see monki do DVDs ? They r pretty amazing too ! Vivaan likes ur baby can read and it's got the head and shoulders song thats pretty cool!!