Monday, January 17, 2011

Warning: A Whole Lot of Belly

I've been meaning to post these for a while, so thank you for the reminder Mashawna! I didn't take many pictures this pregnancy, but these will at least give an impression of my hugeness over the past few months. Luckily I haven't gained much weight lately and the baby dropped, so my fears of physically exploding while bending over to put on my shoes haven't come true. Yet.

Around 34 weeks

Around 36 weeks

Today (38.5 weeks)
Don't judge the pajamas - they were on sale

Fionn saw my exposed belly and decided it was a fun toy. Especially my gigantic belly button.


  1. I swear! You are the cutest pregnant person on the planet! I can't wait for that baby to come out!

  2. I second Sara's opinion of you being the cutest!! Been thinking about you a lot these past few days. Hope everything is going well and will continue to be so. Lots of good positive labor thoughts are being sent your way. Can't wait to see her little face :-)

  3. Cannot believe this is you at 9 months pregnant! You are gorgeous! When's this little lady gonna show her lovely face? Blessings, love!