Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

"The Perfect Sleep...Cosleeping" by Julia

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Sleep Deprivation

She snorts softly through her
Pink pig nose
Bobs her baby bird head in

Her sounds are muffled at first,
They mingle with my dreams,
Prick at the thick woolen coat of
Sleep that wraps around me.

Then the noises escalate, clawing frantically at my
Black shroud,
Demanding to be heard.

Hands, disconnected from my fogged brain,
Are already unbuttoning.
A breast drips blue water-torture-drips in

She drinks voraciously, fists tightly balled,
Unaware of the exhaustion that presses into my eyes like a
Hot iron.
Unappreciative of the aching arm that cradles her thrashing head,
Creating a barrier to
Protect her from the dark.

We will rehearse this scene
Again and again throughout the night,
Unwilling actors
Never quite satisfied with the staging.

But when she stirs in the white warmth
Of morning
When her lashes flutter, then reveal two wide and
Stormy eyes,
When her Cupid’s bow mouth purses with
When her soft jowl cheeks become an irresistible

Then all is forgotten.

All is forgiven.


  1. How beautiful, you really have a way with words. She is a lucky babe.

  2. How sweet! I love it! Your words really paint their own picture.

  3. wow! you are really good! i love this!!!!